Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Giving Back

Over this past week, the heavens have rained down abundant blessings upon me. My fledgling business acquired some important new clients, my nephew drew this great picture for me to hang in my new apartment, and my book, THE AUREATE SPECTACLES, by Inkitt managed to hit the top 100 bestsellers list.

Being one who always wants to give back, I had to put some thought into what ought to be done...and then it came to me: I was going to do 100 good deeds in one week!

As I went about my merry-making way, I kept a list of my activities, but I'll only share a few of them here. Some of these deeds included throwing an extra quarter into a stranger's dryer at the laundromat, and sending an anonymous note to the grocery store manager to praise an employee that seemed to be having a rough day. Others are more everyday things, like stopping to help a stranded car on the side of the road, or watering the neighbors dried-out plant, or unplugging the janitor's vacuum and leaving a cookie next to the socket. (Ok, that happened a while ago, but still...)

It turns out that it's quite easy to do 100 good deeds, in fact, I'd say most of us do that without even realizing it, which in my opinion is the top miracle of all: we're surrounded by greatness. 

My heart is full.

Eliott McKay
Spreading Joy, Writing Books

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