My Book

The Aureate Spectacles 

by Eliott McKay

An Inkitt Book

"Finally a vampire romance with a strong female character. Loves like Bella Swan and fights like Katniss Everdeen" - "Clara Newman"

Michaela was a seemingly normal high school senior, hiding behind a pair of hideous spectacles which masked her true identity. When she’s abducted by an intriguing werewolf, she learns that her father was a powerful vampire, and she has been chosen to protect his city from her predatory kin. 

As the situation grows dire, the fate of the city rests in her hands, and she must choose between peace for her people or the man she's growing to love.


This book absolutely consumed me, the pages turn themselves. It was like a drug, 
but I never want to go to rehab - Dr. Goh Thiam Hi
If I could live inside Eliott McKay's mind, I would! - Jolanta
Love this book for reminding me what it's like to have to read a book nonstop because I just HAVE to know what it all means. - Amazon Customer

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