Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Five-Dollar Debacle

A few weeks ago, while driving, I caught sight of something in the road, and ever the curious girl, I slowed down to investigate. This is what I found. I searched around to see if anyone obvious might may have dropped the bill, but the road was empty and the weather was starting to turn. I knew the fragile denomination would soon be lost to the snow plows, so I rescued it in the hopes of reuniting it with its owner.

As I continued to drive, my thoughts kept drifting back to the note, sitting in the lower dash of my car — separated and special. I wondered what good could be accomplished in the world with so small amount as five dollars, and the more I pondered, the more I realized I needed advice from a person much wiser than myself.

My four and six-year-old nephews imparted their counsel with enthusiasm: "Give it to someone else!" and "Buy stuff!" My sister, who is pregnant and craving sweets, added, "I'd buy cookies."

Photo credit: Debarshi Ray / / CC BY-SA
Cookies! It was obvious... in my small, yet meaningful world, cookies always equal love, as do CUPCAKES ... and I'm all about spreading the love. Five dollars, however, was not much to go around when divided by seven billion people. My brain crackled and sizzled — an occurrence which my siblings will tell you is rare — and by morning, a solution had sprouted in my stewing, calculating head: cookies were not meant to be divided, they were meant to be shared, and that is a monumental difference, as the sharing itself multiplies the joy-producing effect. It was my job to somehow multiply the joy produced by those five dollars.

Now, I've always been a bit of a letter writer. It is my opinion that getting a hand-written letter in the mail is the equivalent of receiving a telegram in the nineteen-fifties — and stamps definitely fell within my budget range. So, I sat down and wrote some letters, plus a few more that could be hand delivered.

Some examples of my care-laden communications included the following:

Encouraging a nephew in the military who is nervous about getting deployed; an overdue thank you note to an elderly gent who has shared his wisdom with me on more than one occasion; a letter to someone of whom I needed to ask forgiveness; a message detailing the special qualities in a friend who was down on herself; a quick thank you note through the bank shoot to the teller who always smiles at me (as I was driving away, of course!)... and so forth.

After all that letter writing, there was still one thing left to be done:

Just think of all the friends I'll make with a sign like that! I'm the luckiest girl in the world! 

Why am I always surprised to find that I'm the one who is blessed? Please join me in my clumsy, near debacle-ish efforts to make the world a slightly better place.

Until Next Time,

Eliott McKay

To find out how this story ends, click here: The Crank Call.


  1. Your blog posts are inspirational. I want you to know, Eliott McKay, that through the written word you are having a positive influence on the world. I look forward to your next foray spreading your light to others.

  2. Obviously I am a little bit slow. I just looked at you blog last night. I am so very proud of you...


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