Monday, November 12, 2012

Faith Returned

Last week, while driving, I saw this book sprawled on the road — right before I ran over it. Being a writer, curiosity struck and I flipped around to see which unlucky title had — sadly — been left for roadkill.

What I found is a book on faith, written by a preacher of a small denomination. It's the kind of book where the reader fills in the blanks. The book was nearly completed, aside from the last ten pages, where the final entry was angry and frustrated, and I suspect, was tossed out the window.

I kept thinking I didn't want that person to lose their faith and after a few days I made up my mind to track down the owner. It took some digging, as there was only a signature where the person had dedicated their life to God, and one of the letters was hard to decipher, but I'm fairly certain I got the right person. We'll call her Susan.

Picture by: Maggiemae 
Yesterday, I embarked on the task at hand, not really knowing what to expect. What if the door got slammed in my face or the dogs were set upon me. I had this whole speech prepared to help minimize the chances of getting splattered in the face with rotten peaches. My legs shook as I approached the door, and I kept thinking of that line from that movie, We Bought A Zoo:

"Sometimes you only need twenty seconds of insane courage, and I promise, something great will come of it."

So, I knocked, and waited, and knocked again, and waited, the frog in my heart thumping for escape — but no one was home.

Kids were playing in the street, taking advantage of the sunny weather, when I did a seemingly insignificant act: placed the book at the door with a note, "from someone who cares." I didn't want Susan to feel obligated to contact me by leaving my information. Plus, she might feel awkward, knowing I had thumbed through her faith diary in order to ascertain her identity. My note indicated I had respected her privacy as much as possible.

I was once told that each of God's creations were graven upon the palms of his hands. It makes sense. When a carpenter works out a new creation, he runs his tools lovingly along the grain, and each curve is a delicate result of the pressure in his palms. I like thinking that I'm graven there too, in God's hands, as well as Susan.

I solemnly believe that the world's problems can be straightened if each of us resolves to be a better person and shows love for our fellow man.

Please feel free to pass this message along and join the throngs of fairies out there making the world a better place, one Susan at a time. I hope she finds her faith. Please feel free to add your good deeds in the comments section below and inspire others to greatness!

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