Saturday, November 10, 2012

Irish Fairies & A Holiday Challenge

Once, while staying in West Cork, Ireland, at a place called Crab Cottage, I found this special note to the Irish Fairies hidden atop a wardrobe. My favorite line was this:

Please, please, please reply to us. We would LOVE to know you're out there, and to meet you... leave your note behind the swing tree.

Now, this was no ordinary swing tree. It was an orange ball that hung from a rope at the edge of a cliff, and that daring little swing flitted right over it. The wind in a place like that can get crazy, and more than a few times that ball flounced about — I liked to think it was the fairies having a good time in the wild Irish winds.

I just love the "i" on this fantastic envelope:

"i" believe in fairies... the kind all around us, the people in our lives that make things magical. My life has been touched by an Almond Joy Fairy (who left miniature Almond Joy's sprinkled around the house), a Toblerone fairy, a Secret Santa fairy, who left me a personal message on my bathroom mirror when I was a kid, and an Oreo Cookie Fairy.

Fairies of joy! Fairies of love! Such sublime fairies of happiness!

My self-proclaimed mission in life has always been to spread joy everywhere. I'm not always great at it, but I like to think I'm a bit of a fairy too... and so is anyone who wishes to bless the lives of others. Do you think those blessed Irish Fairies answered our young investigators, Mille and Esme? You bet they did, just the way you and I, and all the other fairies in our lives did — thank our lucky stars!

My Holiday Challenge:

This year, my holiday challenge is to open my eyes and do small, creative kindnesses for others and blog about them as often as seems appropriately sharable. I'd like to invite you to join me and share your fairy-like deeds in the comments section of my blog and help inspire others!

These are the beginnings of Eliott's Life Adventures.

All Best,

Eliott McKay

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